Hot Dog Noodles

Hot Dog Noodles

These hot dog noodles are DELICIOUS!!

What you need:
hot dogs
marinara or alfredo sauce (optional)

1. Slice the hot dog into smaller pieces
2. Poke a few spaghettis through it, around 3-5 is good. you can also fit two hot dog pieces on the same couple of noodles
3. Boil water on the stove
4. Cook it!!

You can top it off with any type of sauce you want, but I think that it’s good plain too. It’s really popular with little kids too!

Hey there!

So I just made a blog! And yes, I know that nobody is reading this right now. But you have to start somewhere for everything, right? Right. So you’ll notice, my saying is “A laugh is a smile that bursts” because I feel like everyone needs to laugh in their life. Or at least smile. That’s what I’m hoping to bring with this blog. Maybe the only viewer of this blog will be my sister. Oh well. That’s fine too. I just want to at least try to put myself out there. I’m thinking that this blog will have a little bit of everything. I’m in love with fashion and beauty, but I also love writing and photography and cooking. And how could I not mention this until now?!? I have two chubby cats. They are not obese. They are just big boned. I think. But they are my reason to smile so they’ll appear in this blog a lot. welllll I think that’s all for now, bye!!